Movie Review: Watchmen

It’s probably too early for me to comment on Watchmen, as I just watched it… but my gut reaction is that I wasn’t thrilled about it.  I guess hardcore fans of the book wanted it this way, but it mirrored the book almost too much.  It felt like it wasn’t allowed to breathe for this reason.  And for something that was set in 1985 – why did the soundtrack not reflect that?  It was an eclectic mix of songs from no specific generation when it should have clearly been songs from the early 80’s.

Lori Jupiter was annoying… and since she’s a major character it didn’t help.  She’s hot for sure, but that only goes so far.

I wasn’t a big fan of Dr. Manhattan’s VFX.  He looked fake and I just couldn’t get around this.  Billy Crudup is a great actor – they should have let him act.

At the end, although Veindt’s plan came to fruition and it made sense not to rat him out – why did it make sense for them not to kill him?  Why kill Rorshach and not him?  It made the movie completely unsatisfactory.

Also, the relationship between Lori and Dan is beat… because she kisses Dr. Manhattan at the end.  So he’s that much of a loser that he’ll stay with this chick even though she would probably choose another guy if she could?  And Dan – he teetered on the edge of pussy and hero the whole time and when it looked like he was becoming the hero – he lets this go down?  Right back to pussy.

Rorshach and the Comedian were the bright spots throughout.

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