Jets Still Alive

Darelle Revis played like the best corner in the NFL and the Jets got a much needed win.  Behind a punishing running attack, they moved a step closer to the wildcard play-off berth.  There are a ton of teams with a 5-6 record and the Jets need to keep it going to have a chance.

I know the general thinking was that this team was built to win this year, but I tend to disagree.  It’s next to impossible to win with a rookie quarterback.  And a first year coach.  I hope they can run the tables, but when I look ahead to 2010 it seems very bright.  Thomas Jones might be 30, but he doesn’t have the wear and tear on his body that most backs do cause of his late blooming.  And Showne Green is a more than capable carrier, especially in short yardage situations.  Throw Leon Washington into that mix again when he returns from a broken fibula, with a strong offensive line and I think you have one of the leagues top running games.  Give Braylon Edwards a year to get on the same page as Mark Sanchez, who will have another year to mature and get on the same page as everyone else.  This offense could be scary.  I’d love to see them draft a DE who can get at the QB.  Or a certain dominant safety from Tennessee (who I think is the best player in college football).

Racism in NFL

Why is it that anytime there is a good white wide receiver, he immediately has to be labeled?  A broadcaster on ESPN this morning referred to Brandon Stokely of the Broncos as ‘their Wes Welker’.

This is bullshit for so many reasons.  Wes Welker currently leads the NFL in catches, as well as yards after catch.  He’s one of the best receivers in the league.  Easily the best possession receiver.  There are hundreds of black receivers that wish they could do what he does.  It is bad enough that the other short white guy on New England is referred to as a Wes Welker clone.

Stokely is an okay receiver, but without Wes Welker, the Patriots – the number 1 offense over the last few seasons – flat out suck.

There was a great editorial at the back of Sports Illustrated this week, by a black guy, about how white running backs are immediately labeled as slow, bulky fullbacks.  They are never given their due.  There is takl about making Toby Gebhart from Stanford, currently 3rd in the nation in rushing, a linebacker.  If he was black, would this ever happen?  The short answer is – no.  The same piece discusses how far black QB’s have come, and it is about time white RB’s and Receivers are viewed in the same light as their black counterparts.

Movie Review: Twilight – New Moon

Yes, I am a heterosexual male and still saw Twilight: New Moon.  I am so on Team Jacob.  Mostly because he is going out with Taylor Swift and I’d let her ruin my life.  Also, because werewolves are cooler than vampires.  And Edward is a melodramatic puss.

No, I’ve never read these books.  And I never will.  I saw this out of work related curiosity.  It was fairly well-made, more so than the first one.  I think getting rid of Hardwicke was a good move, as I don’t think for a second she could have handled the visual fx.  However, I think the acting in the first one was probably better.  That falls on Chris Weitz’ shoulders.  There are scenes were the acting is laughably bad – mostly from Taylor Lautner.  And I don’t blame him, cause there are other scenes where his acting is strong.  On the upside, it appears as if Weitz used the same company that did the creatures in Golden Compass, which is a good thing – cause the wolves look great and their transformation were amazing.

But was the movie any good?  No.  Part of the charm of the first one was the running time.  Under 90 minutes.  This was like 2.5 hours.  And for no reason.  It could have played at under 100 minutes.  Definitely under 2 hours.  The over-the-top parallels to Romeo & Juliet were nauseating.  The opening shot of the movie she wakes up and the book is next to her head.  A scene in class that same day and they are watching the movie in class, and Edward even quotes from it.  Really?

The biggest problem for me in this movie – it is supposed to be a love triangle between Bella-Jacob-Edward.  They set up that Jacob gets Bella out of her funk, and she even writes to Alice about how Jacob fills the hole in her chest/heart.  But when they’re together – you never actually feel that she has fallen for Jacob.  So when Edward returns – or Jacob asks her to stay for him – it’s falling on the audience’s deaf ears because it never seemed like that was a choice.

Side note – Ashley Green is actually hotter in person than in the movie.  Which is saying a lot.  I’d let her ruin my life too.  In fact, would have when she was the shmoopy faced hostess at The Belmont.


It has come to my attention that I have a stalker.  She’s been following my every move and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

She’s about 5’3″ with dark hair and, unfortunately, a great smile.  She’s usually carting around a 2 year old girl.  If you see this woman, run the other way.  She’s liable to ignite, quite like a firecracker.

Chaz Bono

Is has been gnawing at me for a week now.  When Chaz Bono started going out with it’s significant other – he was a girl.  So they were lesbians.  Now, she is a he.  And they are still together.  So, is she straight?  Cause she has a penis.  And if so, was she ever a lesbian?  Does she just hate men?  And if she does, does she hate Chaz?  If she likes penis now, then why not find a good looking dude.  Cause Chaz looks like a fat, lab geek with no facial hair.

Or is it really all about personality with these two?

Movie Review: Precious – Based on a Novel Push by Sapphire

Monster’s Ball producer Lee Daniels follows up his 2005 directorial debut, Shadowboxer, with Precious – Based on the adaptation of author Sapphire’s best-selling novel Push about an overweight, illiterate African-American teen from Harlem who discovers an alternate path in life after she begins attending a new school. Clareece “Precious” Jones is only a teenager, yet she’s about to give birth to her second child – from her father. With a little help from a sympathetic teacher (Paula Patton) and a kindly nurse (Lenny Kravitiz), the young girl receives something that most teens never get — a chance to start over. Mo’nique co-stars as her abusive mother.

What could have easily played out like a Lifetime movie of the week starring Judith Light was well-crafted, extremely well acted and never plodding.  Even when tugging at our heartstrings it was never overly melodramatic – and I think this is the reason I liked the film the most.  Often times sad – it was always somewhat eye-opening.  Someone asked me the day after I saw it, ‘is it based on a true story?’  I realized then that it didn’t matter.  Yes, in fact, it is.  It is based on many true stories.  Too many.  And that is the world we are living in.

At the end of the day, this is an inspirational drama featuring a stunning performance by newcomer Gabourey “Gabbie” Sidibe, who will almost definitely be nominated for an Oscar.  If you think your childhood was rough, go see this movie.  If you think you had a great childhood, go see this movie.  Either way, you will realize that there are people out there every day in a struggle we can only imagine.  And they need help in one way or another.

Holy Trinity Titans Football

Wanted to say congratulations to Coach Mascia and the Holy Trinity Titans Football team.  Going 10-0 for the first time, with a huge showdown against St. Anthony’s this Saturday at Mitchell Field House in Hempstead (across from Hofstra) at 7:00pm.

Anthony Brunetti has been crushing teams this year (and last) and is the best RB on LI and probably NY state.  There is a decided bias in favor of the public schools, so he’ll probably wind up losing the Thorpe Award to someone like Kevin Allen.  It is bullshit because the Catholic League is so much stronger top to bottom and each game is a challenge, whereas the public schools have a lot of cupcakes on their schedule.

This bias also shows in Newsdays large school’s poll – which has Trinity at 6 behind one-loss schools from the public league that would last a quarter on the same field as most catholic teams.  Particularly Holy Trinity, St. Anthony’s, Iona Prep and Chaminade.

Finish perfect.