Back on Track

After a rough weekend, I’m back on track.  Keeping my head down and my eye on the prize.

My brother and I (mostly me because I took care of most of the details) threw a bachelor party for my cousin this weekend.  It was a great time, but financially a disaster.  I already spend 90% of my free time on my job (which I guess doesn’t make it free time), but now I will have to kick it up a notch.  This may also mean I don’t get to go to my best friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara this August.  I’m pretty pissed about the whole situation, but I am coping…

Movie Review: Fighting

This movie is by no means new, but I caught it late last night on TV and had to comment on it.  Now, most of you probably think – he’s gonna rail against the acting, etc… But to be honest, the acting was all fine.  Even Channing Tatum was serviceable – because he didn’t have much to do.  The directing was straight to video level – but again serviceable.  The biggest problem with this thing was the trainwreck of a script.

Why on earth anyone agreed to finance this thing is beyond me.  Maybe because they liked A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, as I did – a lot, but there’s no way anyone read this script and thought it was going to be a good movie.
None of it makes any sense.  At all.  It’s more ridiculous than the last few Seagal movies.
Sean (Tatum) is a kid selling bootlegs on the streets of NY.  But he’s not actually from NY.  He’s from Alabama.  Why is he in NY?  Never explained.  Why didn’t he try to get a real job – since they make a point of saying he’s a college graduate?  Never explained.  Why does Harvey (Terrence Howard slumming it) set him up?  Is it a set up or was he trying to rob him?  Why does a band of teens/20 somethings hang out with Harvey?  He sees him beat up one of his young hoods, who don’t seem very tough and are never established as tough – and then he’s immediately a hot ticket fighter.  No training.  No more fights.  Sean’s not even a street fighter to start.  He was just trying to not get robbed.  He didn’t even beat someone tough up.  Then, he’s making more money per fight than low level pro fighters and he’s immediately some sort of hot shot after a fight or two.  Two to be exact.  One of which he doesn’t actually win.  They then have an absurd subplot about him punching his dad – who was his wrestling coach.  However, it means nothing to the story and he doesn’t even out wrestle his opponents or use his wrestling.  The only time they show him training is before his last fight – against a hot shot pro (who would never take a fight like this) – and he’s shadow boxing and doing some push-ups on the subway.  Oh, forgot to mention – the hotshot pro is someone from his college wrestling team.  The same one he got kicked off of for punching his dad.
And somehow they all go out to the same club.  After every fight.  Even when he gets knocked around.
It’s a shame – because Dito Montiel started off with such a good film… It’s another lesson that more money on your next feature doesn’t make for a better film.  Don’t always jump at the studio offer, sometimes you can sabotage your own career.

Bulderlyns: The First Designs

Karol just sent me the first two sketches from Igor, the artist on Bulderlyns.  I didn’t realize they would come so quickly – I hope this is a sign of good things to come…

The first one is the main character, Robby Dedalus.  The second is of his father, Mike.  They need a few tweaks here and there, but pretty damn good for a first sketch.  Check them out:

It’s All About the Benjamins

I just realized it has been almost 20 days since my last post.  I’ve been extremely delinquent.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been under constant pressure to finish things up.

We’re at the very tail end of Spread the Fuzz – the name we’ve decided on for the first book in the Fuzzies series.  The only thing left to do is the title design, which is underway.  And then laying the title on the cover and the text on the back cover.
I was also cutting a trailer for the novella I’m writing, The Beast.  Why?  Because I saw a few book trailers that were cool and think it is a great way to sell the book.  I wish I was a better (more knowledgeable) editor though.  Actually, I think my actual editing skills in terms of timing are pretty damn good – but I just don’t know the finer points of the program; such as panning on a still, more advanced transitions, titling, etc…  I got it down to 3 minutes, but I’m going to cut it down to 2 now.  And I did the voice-over myself.  So it is shit.  I will post when it is ready.
Harbor Moon is ready to rock and we’re just dealing with the printer at this point.  Hopefully I have hard-copies in hand by the end of the month.  I cannot wait.  Seriously.  This is, to date, even more important to me than Battle for Terra – because it is mine.  Something I sweat over meticulously for a long time.
I have also been working hard to try and get a sample issue of the graphic novel R.E.M. done.  Everything is going great with the project, both the book and the film – and we wanted a sample of the book to show to actors as we approached them.  Credit to Marco for working hard to make this happen as well.  And Karol – who is invaluable to me in all that I do.  And I will pay him back generously – hopefully soon.  We finally finished it this week – and it looks pretty great.  Hopefully we’re done with this book by the Fall for a release in November/Christmas.  It’s hard to put a definitive timetable on artwork so we’ll see…
I came up with what I believe to be a rather ingenious funding method for the feature film I’m putting together called King of the Night.  It relies on a few major pieces falling into place, but that seems to be the case.  I’m working behind the curtain like the Wizard and Jimmy Devoti is out on the west coast playing Dorothy.  Together, we may just pull this thing off – and in a major way.  Much better, financially and creatively, than the traditional investment method.  Stay tuned…
The company I am working with on The Skin Trade, Mike the Pike Productions, has been great to work with…. and we actually just signed a deal for them to raise funds for a slate of Spoke Lane graphic novels (R.E.M. included, Bulderlyns, Chasing Rabbits).  I know I mentioned this before – but we’ve signed the paperwork and things are moving.  Exciting times.  I’m pumped about it, and things on The Skin Trade have been progressing really well.  The business proposal should be done within the week and then I may have to spend some time on the PPM – but we will be off to the races.  Just as everything else is coming together.
I have also been going through the graphic novel script for Bulderlyns.  Trying to tighten it up as much as possible – because in this world, every page costs money.  I’m about halfway through.  Either way, the artist, Igor (a college student from Poland who is perfect for the book!) is already working on character designs.  We should start artwork on the book by July.  This is something I am dying to see come to life.
The Kickstarter campaign for Lil is still going on.  We’re 1/3 of the way there with about 21 days to go.  So, if you haven’t checked it out – please do.  It’s a very cool project, with great artwork, smart and fun storytelling, and it has a positive learning component for kids.
And I’m still trying to rise out of the debt that all of these projects have put me in…. So that takes up a lot of my time and is the cause of a few gray hairs on my mohawked head.