Hell of a Day

I intended to write this post last night, in the heat of the moment, but I wound up crashing pretty hard.

Due to my fighting hobby, my ear started to cauliflower.  This past week I have been sparring with the best guys at the gym.  And in doing so, I was getting my butt kicked and it was great – but I was also taking some punishment on that ear.  It wound up blowing up and yesterday I had to go get it drained.  I made the mistake of thinking it was a simple procedure.  I went to my general doctor, who immediately looked at it and said – ‘Oh, I wish I knew that’s what you were coming in for.  I can’t do this.’  Well, doc, I let the receptionist know.  Maybe you should actually talk to your employees.
So he sends me to a plastic surgeon.  But before I go I have to hit the lab and get bloodwork done.  The guy taking blood made me wait 30 minutes, and in doing so I was late to the surgeon.  He had to go into surgery.  So another doctor agreed to do it, but I had to drive to a different hospital’s ER.  An hour later I was getting my ear drained.  If my insurance doesn’t cover all of it I am f*$ked.  We’ll see in the next week or two…
Either way, about six hours for a 20 minute procedure was awesome.  And now I’m out for at least a week.  Just as I was starting to train hard again.

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