Gearing up for my Podcast

I’ve spent the last month or so working with Rob Scarpelli on bringing a film news podcast, 35 Movie Minutes, to life.  Rob is an extremely talented radio guy, behind and in front of the mic… and I was fortunate enough to catch him at the right time.  I’ve been sitting on this idea for quite some time and Rob jumped on board.  Since then we’ve been putting the production elements of the show together and fine tuning things.

Basically, it is a weekly show that offers listeners the last week of substantial Hollywood news in about a half hour.  Of course, it will be infused with our opinions.  But essentially, we want to give the audience the facts in a straight forward and entertaining way.  There are a bunch of decent film related podcasts out there right now: KCRW’s The Business with Kim Masters, Filmspotting with Adam Kenpennar and Matty Robinson, and SlashFilmcast with David, Devindrah and Adam… but they are more or less open discussions and revolved around reviews or discussing a certain film or two.

It’s looking like late August we’ll go live, or at least be up and running and ready to go live.  So stay tuned.

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