Movie Review: All Good Things

All Good Things was something that came up as a recommend for me on Netflix and I remember it being made, but no waves were made when it eventually came out.  I can’t stand Kirsten Dunst, but I am a big Ryan Gosling fan.  And what a great first name.  I liked Jarecki’s docu Capturing the Friedman’s and dove right into this.

It was well made – and the style took you right back to the time period (70’s thru 00’s).  That was really surprising and a pleasant surprise.  I actually researched this case, about a guy who is accused (but never convicted) of killing two women, after I heard about the movie.  Why?  Because I’m obsessed with serial killers and the first wife was actually from Long Island.  I’m also obsessed with Long Island.

The film was okay.  That’s what I’ll say about it.  The story was engrossing, but mostly based on Gosling’s performance.  I knew where it was going, so I was waiting for the explosion – or how they would do it.  And watching this guy simmering beneath the surface from Gosling’s performance was really something.  But the story itself was slow moving (I’m guessing intentionally)… and not as much of a mystery as I was hoping.  They basically paint him out to be the killer and leave no room for other culprits.

For those that are interested – he’s accused of killing the first wife – but her body was never found and she’s actually still considered a missing person (not a dead body).

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