Close to Locking an Edit

It’s been an arduous few months since we wrapped production on this sci-fi feature last summer.  However, we look to be back on track and should lock an edit this week.  We effectively agreed on it over the weekend, but there are a few things that need to be tweaked.  Very minor things. It’s a major step towards finishing the film.

In case you’re all wondering, the film looks really good.

Cult Movie of the Week: Ski Patrol

In honor of winter in NY, the cult movie of the week is Ski Patrol,from 1990.

Roger Rose (better known now for voice over work) plays Jerry, the senior member of The Snowy Peaks ski patrol.  He lives to ski and is in love with fellow instructor Ellen (Yvette Nipar – who is hot but has only really done guest stars on tv). They are joined by T.K. Carter as Iceman – fans of The Thing will recognize him as Nauls.  Also on the team are a demolitions expert (George Lopez!), a misfit who can’t make the patrol team and a foreign exchange patroller… It all adds up to mayhem on the slopes.  The plot is pretty standard fare amped up with typical late 80′s/early 90′s comedy flare – the troop is trying to save the lodge from greedy land developer Sam Maris… played by Martin Mull. If Mull isn’t enough to get you to watch, I don’t know what is. If you want a clue to the tone of the film, it was produced by the same team that brought you Police Academy.  Even crazier, you can watch the whole movie through IMDB.

I will also give a special shout out to Ski School… which is even more off the rails.  And has a lot more T&A.  Featuring Dean Cameron, this movie is totally out of control goodness on the slopes.

Applying for the Xeric Grant

We’re applying for the Xeric Grant with R.E.M.  They just announced this will be the last year of the grant.  That’s a shame, because it has helped out a lot of comic book creators over the years.  They do some great things and many great books have come to life because of the grant.  With any luck we’ll be one of those…

Just like trying to get Bulderlyns promos ready for New York Comic-con, Karol has been working hard to do the lettering on the first 14 pages.  It’s due next week and we should be good to go.  Final step after a few more tweaks will be running off six copies (I’ll probably print a few extras just to have them).

Movie Review: Source Code

I started to watch Source Code in a motel room while producing White Space.  Three nights in a row I fell asleep about five minutes in and gave up.  Then it showed up in the mail through Netflix.  I confused myself because I assumed that I saw it, but realized that I was too tired to remember.

I enjoyed Duncan Jone’s Moon, and was looking forward to finally watching the whole thing of Source Code.  I generally like Jake Gyllenhaal, but haven’t appreciated any of Michelle Monaghan’s performances.  Maybe Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  I think the film with Patrick Dempsey has soured me on her – Made of Honor.

This time I made it all the way through.  Jones deviates from his rather isolated first film with a time-bending action thriller.  In Source Code, they can keep someone alive and insert that person’s consciousness into the last 8 minutes of a person who died.  I’m not sure how they’re able to keep the dead person alive or salvaged enough to be using his brain/memories – especially in this situation when the dead person was blown up in a train bombing. And that’s when and how we meet Agent Sean Colter, who is tasked with finding the bomber – before the bomb goes off.  This is his first trip into the Source Code – and, in fact, the first successful use of the technology ever.

The film is basically a ‘whodunnit’.  If there was one fault it is that it doesn’t give us enough upfront in terms of the suspects.  Let us size them all up and keep us guessing.  Although it keeps us guessing, the actual target turns out to be someone outside the scope of our eye for most of the film.

Gyllenhaal shines here.  He grounds the film and also has a strong physical presence. All of this unravels quickly – and they don’t force his relationship with Monaghan’s character (who is fine, but underwhelming).  We never feel that he falls in love with her – which would be ridiculous – but he definitely falls for her.  Vera Farmiga is good as his handler… she has an icy detachment that works well here.  I’m not quiet sure I buy her actions at the end though.

All-in-all this is a smart thriller.  And it is definitely worth your time.  Watch it in 8 minute increments.


Cult Movie of the Week: Fraternity Vacation

We go from the frozen hills to the warm sunshine of Palm Springs and Fraternity Vacation.  Not many people associate spring break with Palm Springs (in fact, most people associate it with retired old folks), but don’t tell that to Larry ‘Mother’ Tucker, Charles ‘Chas’ Lawlor III or Wendell Tvedt.  They leave their snowy Iowa University and head there for the time of their lives in what may be the best spring break narrative film ever made.  Revenge of the Nerds 2 tries hard for that honor, but falls just a bit short.

In the film, Wendell is a nerd.  Plain and simple.  Over the course of the trip he gains the friendship of two of his frat brothers when his dad offers them his condo for the week.  To top it off, his father also offers the fraternity a hot tub and jacuzzi if they can help his son find a girl.

What would a a great 80′s film be without great foils?  It just so happens that a rival fraternity takes the same spring break. The boys make a bet on who can nail the ‘Designated Babe’ first, the blonde vixen Ashley Taylor.  Who, for whatever reason, decides to involve herself in their lives.  As you can expect, all sorts of mayhem ensues.

The best part of Fraternity Vacation, besides a ridiculous amount of girls who are ’80′s hot’ is Tim Robbins as ‘Mother’ Tucker.

It’s currently available on Netflix.  If you’re feeling nostalgic, fire up the VHS player and remind yourself about how cool you used to be.