Top 5 Overlooked Films

These films did not get the attention they deserved at the box office.  The threshold I set for myself was $10,000,000 at the domestic box office.  It just so happened that the majority of my list was from the last decade.  This is when I started seriously devouring films and taking notice of things like box office.  However, there is one that is almost twenty years old now.

Dazed and Confused               $7,900,000

Easily the best movie, with the best case, that wasn’t a box office sensation.

Never Let Me Go                    $9,400,000

My number one film of 2010, this got lost in the ether.  Somewhere between Carrie Mulligan’s amazing performance and Andrew Garfield playing Spider-Man.

The Proposition                      $1,900,000

The best western since Unforgiven, this film has more texture and grit than even that film. Hillcoat burst onto the scene with this film.  You feel filthy just watching this movie.  The performances are all superb, the cinematography is breathtaking and the production design is Oscar-worthy.  And the story just might be pretty damn good as well.

Auto Focus                              $2,000,000

And this was all based on a true story.  Dafoe and Kinnear are great, and if you haven’t seen this yet – their performances are fun yet tragic.

Interview with the Assassin     $47,000

This is criminal.  This is one of the best found-footage films out there, based on an excellent idea that seems grounded in some semblance of logic (unlike most found footage films).  I’m proud to say that my $8 bucks went towards its almost embarrassing $47,000 take.  It is a wonder Burger got to direct another film after that gross.  I’m glad he did though.

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