Overcome with Joy

Every now and then it hits me that I’m living my dream.  And I have been able to do it my way (coming right out of grad school as a producer, not an assistant), working only on projects I choose, not beholden to anyone.  And ideally those are projects that I love.

And for the most part, those are projects that I write myself. Not to slight any of my other little darlings, but my favorite is Chasing Rabbits.  And now that the book is really underway, I get artwork in and it literally makes me tear up. Like a complete pansy. Because my goal is to please myself. I believe that if I can please myself, my bar of quality is high enough that I can please a huge audience. I’m limited, or I have been, by budget so far – but I have been consistently producing things that far exceed their budget.  And then I get pages like this, which may not seem like much right now – just pencils – with very little context. But it makes me rejoice that I get to do what I love, and I get to work with someone like Zsombor who somehow nails these things that I thought were only in my head.


(I should also post script this: it’s not so much that I am gifted, but that I am able to work with people who are gifted)

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