Work of Art

No, I’m not talking literally. This is more of a figurative work of art.  A masterpiece painted by a High School senior from upstate NY with his lacrosse stick.  Gale Thorpe – son of lacrosse legend Regy Thorpe – who will be dressing up for the Syracuse Orange next year – stuck one of the filthiest goals you will ever see (on any level) last week. And by filthy I mean awe-inspiring.

This, to me, is a thing of beauty.  Something that most people can’t appreciate because they don’t realize how hard it is to achieve. A play like this is why lacrosse is the greatest sport on the planet.
[vimeo 57898854 w=500 h=281]

Gale Thorpe Goal – Tri-State MLK High School National Indoor Lacrosse Tournament from Lax Ally Video on Vimeo.

Back up and running… literally.

It’s been about a month since my last post.  Besides Christmas and New Years, I had some personal things happen to me since then.  On New Year’s Eve I got t-boned by some jerk in a hurry.  I somehow walked away with nothing but a headache for a few days, but my car wasn’t so lucky.  Being just outside the city on Long Island, you absolutely need a car to get around… and what followed and continues is a constant, full-time job of dealing with insurance companies, sleezy used car salesmen, mechanics and a lot of hours at the computer researching used cars in my price range (which was very low).  I’m back behind the wheel finally and things are getting back to normal. Kind of.  I’m going to have to go to small claims court to get any out of pocket expenses from this guy.  Unfortunately I can’t sue for the time lost at life.

I hope to be back to posting regularly next week.  There are plenty of updates on R.E.M., Bulderlyns, Chasing Rabbits, White Space (although I can’t really talk about them yet – but it is going well) and my next film, Lunatic.  I need to post my top 10 films of 2012 (taking into account this accident and how it screwed up my ability to see some end of the year movies), as well as my company year end recap.