Work of Art

No, I’m not talking literally. This is more of a figurative work of art.  A masterpiece painted by a High School senior from upstate NY with his lacrosse stick.  Gale Thorpe – son of lacrosse legend Regy Thorpe – who will be dressing up for the Syracuse Orange next year – stuck one of the filthiest goals you will ever see (on any level) last week. And by filthy I mean awe-inspiring.

This, to me, is a thing of beauty.  Something that most people can’t appreciate because they don’t realize how hard it is to achieve. A play like this is why lacrosse is the greatest sport on the planet.
[vimeo 57898854 w=500 h=281]

Gale Thorpe Goal – Tri-State MLK High School National Indoor Lacrosse Tournament from Lax Ally Video on Vimeo.

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