The space that is white

I thought I’d take a second and post about something that isn’t ‘R.E.M.’.  If you read this blog you may know that I’m in post-production on a feature film entitled White Space. I wrote the story, co-wrote the script and produced the film.

With over 800 vfx shots, it is a very long post process. And our vfx aren’t what you typically see in independent films. So it’s a painstaking process. However, we are making serious headway – and I wanted to post a picture of the cockpit in the Essex (our space vessel).


Wow… and just over 24 more hours!

I went to sleep kind of early last night… and somehow I woke up and my ‘R.E.M.’ Kickstarter passed not only the $14,000 mark, but the $15,000 one as well. And we are almost up to 500 backers.  I am floored.  And grateful.  And appreciative.

It also means the full set of 3 ‘R.E.M.’ Desktop Wallpapers are UNLOCKED.

We have 26 more hours to go… hard to believe. I have basically made this campaign my full time occupation the last 4 weeks.  I am going to miss the daily interaction on Kickstarter – but it won’t end for me – it will just be a different forum (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – username ‘spokelane’ for all of them). Of course here as well. And once the book goes out that is when it will really set in – because the whole point of this was for everyone to ‘R.E.M.’ and the support received has made that possible!

Speaking of reading, here’s a good one for Oscar Wilde about that subject…


R.E.M. Bookmarks

Just got a box in the mail with 2500 ‘R.E.M.’ Bookmarks.  I couldn’t wait until after the Kickstarter and ordered them early.  If you need bookmarks for anything, I recommend 48 Hour Printing.  High quality, you get it almost immediately and at a good price.

Here is what 2500 bookmarks look like.