Convention Wisdom-Don’t Exhibit Too Soon

I have gotten the advice not to exhibit until you have multiple books. That having one comic is too soon, and in most cases you won’t cover your costs.

I can say that this advice is fairly accurate after three years of doing conventions.  At first I was going with just Harbor Moon. Although I wasn’t making my money back, I convinced myself that it was necessary to get the word out about the book.  And I always kept telling myself, wait until you have more and more books…

And this past weekend was my first convention with multiple books – and it was a whole different experience.  The traction at the table was great.  If someone didn’t think Harbor Moon was their cup of tea, they responded well to R.E.M. – and vice versa.  Since I’m not the most outgoing person around, what always seemed like a mountain too high to climb (pitching people)… became fun.

As you can see though – I ignored this advice for the first two years.  Why?  Because I only had one book.  And there was no other way for me to get the word out then go with one book.  Also, it helped me refine my pitch on the book, figure out what is best to present at cons and what isn’t… and also get to meet the people I am trying to connect with – comic fans.


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