Help New Yorkers Cure Paralysis

Please help pressure Governor Cuomo in funding the Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP). As someone with a friend who is paralyzed, there are some amazing advances being made – and until you’re faced with such an ordeal you have no idea how limited the resources are for this type of research in America.  New York, particularly Bloomberg, was making a massive push to bring New York to the forefront of medical/tech research.  That effort is still ongoing and I believe we were neck-in-neck with Boston in second.

I have already written a letter, you can change the name and date and shoot it off – I know there are a lot of people that would be truly grateful to you. Below is the template for the letter I wrote if you are so inclined to help out. It takes all of five minutes to copy, paste and change some information. Thanks all.

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor of New York State

NYS Capitol Building

Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

I am writing you today to request your consideration of including $8.5 million in your 2014 Executive Budget to fully fund the Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP). As you may know, the SCIRP supports New York researchers, hospitals and academic center in their quest to find cures for spinal cord injury. It helps to leverage federal and private sector funds, while at the same time providing well paying, high-tech jobs to New Yorkers. It’s funding will no doubt attract scientists and doctors to our great state.

According to state law, the SCIRP is funded through a surcharge on moving violation traffic tickets.  The law states that these funds are to be used to fully fund the SCIRP at $8.5 million annually. Unfortunately, SCIRP funds were eliminated in 2010 and used to fill state budget gaps. This cut has resulted in terminations and disruptions in research programs. Since then, advocates such as myself have been successful in getting a partial restoration of $2 million in 2013.

Since 1998, SCIRP has provided over $71 million of much needed dollars in research dollars to advance treatments for spinal cord injury. Under your leadership, our state is in better fiscal health and can afford to fully fund this modest program. Let’s not leave it to other states to be at the forefront of this research. New York has been inching closer and closer to Northern California as the place to be for medical research – help us take the lead with this program that provides real benefits to real individuals.

Thank your for your consideration and I will be following up with your staff soon.


Ryan Colucci