Let Post Begin

I’ve been in LA for over two months and it’s about time I head back to NY. I miss my family and I need to spend some quality time with my brand new nephew. However, I will be out here another two weeks overseeing the edit and post. I found out that a storm is coming through the east coast that is supposed to dump snow everywhere. We are almost in April. That’s absurd. So… Maybe I shouldn’t be in such a rush to get back there.

I also found out that I will be the Godfather to my nephew. Pretty exciting stuff. Can’t wait to take him to a cage and work on some lax skills. And then the mats to teach him to fight. He needs to be well rounded, ya know?

Working on a Music Themed Project

I just recently wrapped the shoot for a project I’m producing, being done by Dirty South.  It is based on his upcoming album, sort of like Pink Floyd’s The Wall (but for EDM, and not quite as epic in scale).  It looks beautiful and we can’t wait to get going on post – which starts today.  There are some amazing people involved and as Dirty South releases pics and info then I will as well.  That’s why I’ve been so silent – but now I’m back (and going on a tour of conventions in April – so stay tuned).  Here are some stills to give you a taste…

B015_C002_0310DZ A001_C001_030328 B029_C007_0315UB B004_C001_0306V8 A001_C001_030328 B010_C006_03089O B011_C003_0308KC B007_C009_030687