The Art of a Print

On our road trip to AwesomeCon in Washington, DC, Zsombor and I had a cool idea of a samurai print.  Basically, samurai Batman (this idea later morphed into a full scale animated film that we outlined the next weekend at C2E2 and are doing designs for currently). I’m not taking much credit for this one, I actually only came up with the title – The Dark Ronin.  What I wanted to show you was the sketch Zsombor did at AwesomeCon and the final print that was done within a week for C2E2 (and was our best seller). Guy is pretty talented. If only he could close a sale.



‘With You’ goes #1 in 17 Countries

WY-#1 in 17banner

If you’ve been following, over the last 9 months I produced the film With You, which is also the name of Dirty South’s upcoming album. The film is based on the album and exists as an extension of the music – but is most definitely not a music video. It is a narrative, 38 minutes in length (the album is 53 minutes).

We shot in Los Angeles in February/March of this year and it came out this past Tuesday, exclusively on iTunes. That same day it shot to #1, leap frogging films by Pixar, Disney and some other massive companies. It has a lot to do with  Dirty South’s fan base, the excellent buzz/reviews the film and music have been getting, and the low price ($2.99). That means a lot, because if you do the math – hundreds of thousands of short films get made each year, only 365 even have a shot at being #1, with most #1’s holding the spot for a length of time. I’m proud of the work we did on this and in the short amount of time it took to shoot and turnaround. It was his first directorial effort on anything but a music video and there was a lot of moving pieces. He dove right into a complicated shoot with a complicated post. And we already have our next few projects lined up… you’ve seen a lot of the rumblings here… stay tuned!