Been a while…

I just realized that it has been four months since my last blog post.  Whoa.  I never intended to take such a break – but I guess the film and other projects caught up to me.  I’m now coming out of my film haze and entering full-on post-production.

We shot Suburban Cowboy in March over 16 days (we were efficient enough that we shaved a full day off of production)… and right after that I went to Miami for Winter Music Conference/Ultra, Coachella, NAB in Vegas to speak about our post-production workflow, back to Coachella and finally to New York to grab some B-roll and see my family.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I moved back to LA in November.  And tomorrow I head to Melbourne to finish the edit there over the month of May.  So I guess I lied – I won’t be coming out of my film haze until June.

The good news – the shoot went great. We spent a lot of time casting and it paid off.  We never set out to cast names, but the best person for the part. The characters in the script were really specific – the edit is at the halfway point and I believe you will all find they are unique on screen as well.  I’m excited to start posting stills and updates on everything that is going on…


Working on the Future

Some of you may have heard or even tried virtual reality.  A week ago I was fortunate enough to shoot a virtual reality show for Dirty South, in association with RED and NextVR. Two shows in fact, one from the crowd’s POV and one from inside the DJ booth. This is part of the awesome-ness that is available to me working with someone like Dirty South. Things like this just don’t present themselves otherwise.

If you haven’t experienced virtual reality, it is almost impossible for me to describe. It’s a far greater experience than 3D, which I don’t particularly enjoy.  It is a fully immersive visual experience. When I first tried the Oculus Rift I had the immediate thought – the future is here.  It was astounding.  And we are bringing you the first electronic music experience in VR… with two of the greatest at what they do – RED and NextVR.  I can’t wait to share this…

2014.12.12-VR Build-02 2014.12.13-VR Shoot.Dragan.Nate 2014.12.13-Avalon-03 2014.12.13-Avalon-01 2014.12.12-VR Build-01 2014.12.12-Avalon-02 2014.12.12-Avalon Green Room

NY to LA… one more time.

Recently, as in a week ago, I made the move back to Los Angeles from New York.  Unlike last time (in 2002), I drove cross country.  It was cost prohibitive to ship a car and all of my stuff… and I actually wanted to drive across the country and visit some states/cities that I have yet to lay eyes on.

I wound up going through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and eventually California.  It took me about 5 days and I didn’t push myself too hard because I was doing this by myself. I may have the most boring set of photos from this trip ever, but here they are… (and yes, that is my life fitting into one car)

2014-10-12 14.56.50 2014-10-14 12.08.04 2014-10-13 18.46.11

2014-10-15 19.55.45


Top 5 Movies That Got Me Into Movies

Brother’s McMullen

I had to go with Brothers McMullen because I am a Long Island boy and can relate to Ed Burns, more so than Aronofsky – who is also a NY’er.  Burns grew up in a similar environment as me, and in fact we share common friends (although I’ve never met him).  Being able to relate to the filmmaker was just one of the reasons this is my top film to get me into movies.  The ability to take an ultra-low budget, financed by donations from family and friends, and turn it into an indie hit spoke volumes to me when I first realized that I wanted to follow a path in film.  Brothers and Pi were the two most influential films for me at the onset – which is odd because of their two very different styles.  I think I’ve seen each over 50 times now.  I found Burns’ film to be tightly edited and shot well, two things you don’t find often in indie films.  The score was a delight as well.  Harkening back to my being able to relate to Burns, I am also Irish Catholic and take that very seriously.  Therefore, the subject matter of the film really hit home and I thought each storyline was accessible.


The first film I saw where I was not only blown away – but thought to myself, ‘Hey, I think I can do that.’

Bottle Rocket

Before Wes Anderson was a photocopy of himself. Where style and oddity were actually unique, not overdone to death.

Star Wars

A film that is basically like turning your childhood dreams into reality.


A film that made me pause and say, this is great, but pretty shitty.  Other than quoting a film because I loved it, this was actually the first time I noticed the dialogue in a movie.  I noticed it because it was all dialogue. It was eye opening in a few ways. I think this is Kevin Smith’s crowning achievement, but that’s another discussion.

NY Premiere of ‘With You’

As With You continues to dominate the iTunes charts across the world, we are getting ready for its New York premiere this Wednesday.  The film screens at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in SoHo as part of the CBGB Music & Film Festival. Screening starts at 8:30pm and is immediately followed by a Q&A and listening party for Dirty South’s album of the same name.

We even have custom made popcorn boxes from the film.  I hope you come and join us cause we are excited.



Top 10 Anti-Romances

To quality for this list, the guy and girl cannot end up together.  The reason for them not winding up together cannot be because one of them dies (The Fly, Atonement). We, the audience, should want the characters to be together.  But they just can’t be… whether it is them, society or another extraneous circumstance.  As always, I have to be a fan of the movie.

I would include something like Spiderman, but I honestly didn’t want him to wind up with Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane.  I couldn’t stand her.  The same goes for Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane in Superman.

  • Out of Sight
  • McCabe and Mrs. Miller
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Top Gun
  • White Men Can’t Jump
  • Casablanca
  • Once
  • In the Company of Men
  • Drive
  • Lost in Translation

Honorable Mention

  • 8 Mile
  • Far From Heaven
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  • Closer
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Manhattan
  • Your Friends and Neighbors
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • Blue Valentine
  • Laurel Canyon
  • Singles
  • All the Real Girls
  • Audition

The Art of a Print

On our road trip to AwesomeCon in Washington, DC, Zsombor and I had a cool idea of a samurai print.  Basically, samurai Batman (this idea later morphed into a full scale animated film that we outlined the next weekend at C2E2 and are doing designs for currently). I’m not taking much credit for this one, I actually only came up with the title – The Dark Ronin.  What I wanted to show you was the sketch Zsombor did at AwesomeCon and the final print that was done within a week for C2E2 (and was our best seller). Guy is pretty talented. If only he could close a sale.