Animation Test and Character Design

Every few weeks I say that I will get back on the blogging horse, but I keep failing you. I have good reasons though – I am in post-production on two films.  One of them, Suburban Cowboy, is my first as a director.  Three graphic novels are in production… And I’m still trying to get the word out about R.E.M. and Harbor Moon.  So, things have been a bit hectic lately – which is a good thing.

Today I wanted to share an animation test/character progression and design for a music video that is in production.  It is being done by Zsombor Huszka…

Lunatic Has Been Approved!

It came over a month later than everyone expected, but my next feature film, LUNATIC, has finally received approval for the UK tax incentive.  Apparently they wanted a lot more documentation than previous years and it slowed things down a bit.  But we are now approved and can take final steps towards locking in financing and legal.

I am keeping myself on an even keel until that process is finalized because anything can happen between now and then.  However, the shoot date has been set in June and the powers that be are all gunning to make that happen.  I continue to do as much as I can and am way ahead of the curve in terms of where I need to be.

Lunatic-Werewolf Test

Back up and running… literally.

It’s been about a month since my last post.  Besides Christmas and New Years, I had some personal things happen to me since then.  On New Year’s Eve I got t-boned by some jerk in a hurry.  I somehow walked away with nothing but a headache for a few days, but my car wasn’t so lucky.  Being just outside the city on Long Island, you absolutely need a car to get around… and what followed and continues is a constant, full-time job of dealing with insurance companies, sleezy used car salesmen, mechanics and a lot of hours at the computer researching used cars in my price range (which was very low).  I’m back behind the wheel finally and things are getting back to normal. Kind of.  I’m going to have to go to small claims court to get any out of pocket expenses from this guy.  Unfortunately I can’t sue for the time lost at life.

I hope to be back to posting regularly next week.  There are plenty of updates on R.E.M., Bulderlyns, Chasing Rabbits, White Space (although I can’t really talk about them yet – but it is going well) and my next film, Lunatic.  I need to post my top 10 films of 2012 (taking into account this accident and how it screwed up my ability to see some end of the year movies), as well as my company year end recap.


Son of a B-!

Yesterday I completed a draft of a script I’ve been working on in relative obscurity. Not that the government or anyone else is keeping tabs on my activity, but I do work with a lot of people and almost none of them know about this project. It was borne out of discussions with my financier and my desire to literally pick up a camera and make a movie. Some people call under a million ‘micro-budget’. I find that a bit out of touch with reality and call something under $100,000 micro-budget, with a ‘get it in the can’ number of under $40,000. That is where this would fall. I’m really happy with how it came out. More importantly, so is the financier.

The project is called S.O.B. – which is an acronym for the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway on Long Island (which runs north-south in Nassau County), as well as ‘Son of a bitch.’ It is comparable to the original Pusher trilogy by Nicolas Winding Refn, except set on Long Island. I loved the simplicity of those movies – particularly the first one. But also the amount of style he brought to each film. The world just sort of sucked you in, and his gritty style kept you there. The film is packed with plenty of strippers, dealers and cretins.

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 4.33.08 PM

I now find myself in a really odd position. It looks likely that Lunatic is going to get the greenlight in the next week or two for a Spring shoot  (much more coming on this – I promise). The same company will be financing another project I’m producing which would shoot right after that in Sweden. Now I have a project I can just go shoot, the financier with the pocketbook (and desire) to do it – but I don’t think I will have the time to shoot it before I need to really dive into pre-production on Lunatic (and this other project).

What worries me is the casting and locations for S.O.B. Even though it is micro-budget, if I can’t find someone for the lead that I think can carry the movie, then I just have to wait. If I had everyone ready we would be a full go for a January shoot. The more likely scenario is that we start casting now for an August or September shoot.


VFX Motion & Make-Up Test for Lunatic

It has been a long time coming… but I finally have some footage to show from my make-up and visual effects motion tests that were shot a few weeks (months) ago. This is for the film LUNATIC, which is more or less in pre-production now.  I’m awaiting something, which should come today, and should have an announcement on that next week.

LUNATIC is a found footage film, written by my USC Peter Stark Program classmate Dikran Ornekian. It is a slow burn, but once we make our major reveal this thing cooks.

Unlike WHITE SPACE, which we were trying to keep a bit of a lid on, I will be bringing regular updates on this project. From the beginning stages of pre-production through the shoot and post process.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Lunatic-Werewolf Motion & Makeup Test-Teaser from Ryan Colucci on Vimeo.