FIL Vote Paves Way for Iroquois to Rejoin Blue Division

In a matter I’m sure you all care so deeply about, the last few months – or years – have seen tempers run hot in the lacrosse community.  At the last world games, the Iroquois Nation was denied entry into England due to their native visas (they are issued US visas as well, but do not use them).  That meant one of the top 3 national teams and the creators of the sport were denied a chance to play in the pinnacle of the sport.  This was a black eye on lacrosse and the United Kingdom (in my opinion).

There was a bylaw that existed which stated that seeding and groupings were determined by the finish in the previous world games.  That meant the Iroquois team would be in last place and re-grouped to a different division.  This isn’t like the world cup, where group winners advance.  Lacrosse is broken down into groups because, to be quite honest, most of the teams aren’t very good.  The US and Canada have dominated the sport since the inception – with the Iroquois team being the only other team capable of running with (and beating) either team.  In fact, the last team they fielded was extremely deep – and this team will be even deeper.

The FIL was standing by their bylaw – until a full-on assault came from the lacrosse community to overturn this decision and put them back where they belong. Because this was not about seeding and trophies.  This is much deeper than that.  This is about honoring the roots of the game. For those of us who play, lacrosse is more than a game. It sounds trite, but it becomes your life.  A culture unto itself.

So… that said, FIL held a postal vote and responses were tallied and I’m happy (relieved) to say that they have voted almost unanimously (1 lone jackass held out) to get rid of the bylaw.

I love this game and everything it has given me.  I’m proud to say I’ve played.  Even more so now…



Where I’ve Been

On the fourth day of June of 1763, the garrison at Fort Michilimackinac, unconscious of their impending fate, thoughtlessly lolled at the foot of the palisade and whiled away the day in watching the swaying fortunes of a game of ball which was being played by some Indians in front of the stockade. Alexander Henry, who was on the spot at the time, says that the game played by these Indians was “Baggatiway, called by the Canadians le jeu de la Crosse.”

The favorite game of ball of the North American Indians, known today, as it was deemed in 1636, by the name of “lacrosse,” was potent among them as a remedial exercise or superstitious rite to cure diseases and avert disaster; that it formed part of stately ceremonials which were intended to entertain and amuse distinguished guests; and that it was made use of as a stratagem of war, by means of which to lull the suspicions of the enemy and to gain access to their forts.

 And that’s where I was for the last few months.  Medicating myself with the game of lacrosse.  Lulling my enemies to sleep with the game I love.  Averting disaster.

Congrats G-Men

I do love it when a New York team wins.  It seems like icing on being from the best state in the union.  Congrats to Eli and the rest of the Giants.  And thank you for beating the Patriots. Again.  A team I can’t stand… such is life when you’re a Jets fan.

It hasn’t been easy growing up in my household.  My parents and siblings are all Yankee and Giant fans.  Do the math on the Mets vs Yankees debate and you’ll see that I have very little going for me.  Super Bowl 3 – great times… and the guy who quarterbacked that team won’t shut up still.  The Jets seemed like they were turning the corner and then, this year, dissolved after a loss to the Giants (who credit that win with turning their season around).  I’m not bitter.  I root for the Giants and Yankees when they’re not playing the Jets or Mets.  I always root for New York.  I don’t particularly like the Knicks, but since Allen Iverson is retired I don’t particularly care.  So I root for them.  I’m hoping that the Brooklyn Nets can make things happen.  I even tried to become a Clipper fan in LA.  Just couldn’t do it.  The one rivalry I can’t cross is the Rangers/Islanders.  I’m a Rangers fan… and the Islanders are in the same division.  The only two teams I hate more are the Devils and Flyers.  I really can’t stand Philadelphia teams.

One last time… until next September… J-E-T-S!

Mel Kiper, Jr – What is Wrong with Sports

If anyone sat through any of the draft, or hours of pre-draft talk on ESPN, they undoubtedly heard Mel Kiper, Jr. spouting off about who he thought were the top players, etc…  And they also heard basically the same thing.  A bunch of useless stats that have nothing to do with productivity on the field. Even during the draft, where you had a bunch of serious football minds (Hall of Famer Steve Young, Super Bowl Championship Coach Jon Gruden and NFL Linebacker Tom Jackson), all he could do was point to a bunch of stats.  So and so had 15 reps on the bench press.  He had a 40 inch vertical.  He’s a great athlete.  Never did you hear the football guys bring up a stat like that.

And yet here was Mel Kiper, Jr. arguing about picks because of 40 times.  Or bench press reps.  As if that has EVER mattered on the field.

It’s happening in other sports too.  People are more worried about size stats, rather than what they see on the field/ice/court.  It’s a horrible plague that you would think has been debunked at this point.  As ‘slow’ running backs like Emmitt Smith take their place in the record books.  QB’s with ‘awful’ throwing motions like Phillip Rivers making the Pro Bowl.  ‘Undersized’ linebackers and Defensive Ends that tear through the competition.

Because reps on a bench press.  How high you can jump standing still.  How fast you can run in a straight line with no equipment on – don’t matter.  Not now.  Not ever.

Crap weather – Great day

The Jets are having a pretty ridiculous off-season.  First they sign Antonio Cromartie, putting him opposite Revis in what could be the best secondary ever.

Then they go and sign Ladanian Tomlinson.  The other LT.  Greene, Leon Washington and LT in the backfield.  That is just absurd.
If they can get a speed rusher on the outside – maybe in the draft (the kid from TCU if he’s still around? Please God be around)… and with Kris Jenkins back – this team is Super Bowl bound.
And to top it off – Villanova landed the #2 seed in the easiest bracket.  Duke, a team they can topple, is running out of the #1 spot.  Final Four here we come.


The Jets are a team of destiny.  Rex Ryan, although he is still learning how to manage a game, is the best thing to happen to them since Vinny Testaverde.  Mark Sanchez is proving he can win big games, right now by not doing too much.  Give him time and he’ll be slinging the ball downfield with the best of them.

And this defense.  They give up the short ball, but you can’t run on them and Darelle Revis is a nightmare.  Why on earth would you throw anywhere near him?  One throw by Rivers to him and he makes one of the most ridiculous interceptions I’ve ever seen.  How this guy didn’t win Player of the Year over Woodson is beyond me (I am a huge Woodson fan, but the lack of numbers put up against Revis by the best players in the game is more staggering than the stats put up by anyone else).

Bring on the Colts!